Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to spend and still enjoy Cleveland

Used up your holiday budget on buying Christmas presents for the family but still need to head home to Cleveland to be with the family for a short bus charter tour vacation and don’t know how you can manage? Well, worry not. When Christmas is around the corner, there’s always a way. Luckily for you, your journey home with Bus Charter Cleveland by bus charter or a smaller shuttle bus will save you some money.
Enjoying Cleveland doesn't have to be expensive. You’re spoilt for choice with the city’s beautiful parks, fascinating shops, and free days at museums. The Cleveland Orchestra, arguably the "Best Orchestra in the World," offers with several free community concerts throughout the year.
Take in the view of the sunset over Lake Erie from within the comfort of the bus charter vehicle at Cleveland's Edgewater State Park, on the city's near west side. Bundle up and hold on tight to a loved one as you watch the sun sink unobstructed into the horizon. If you prefer somewhere warmer, pick up free music and movies at the Cleveland Public Library where local area residents can loan out their choice from over 10 million books, tapes, DVDs, and CDs.
Bring the rented charter bus to see the elaborate stone monuments kept a generation of Italian stonecutters in business at the Lake View Cemetery, the final resting place for important Clevelanders, such as John D. Rockefeller, President James A. Garfield, and Carl B. Stokes (Cleveland's first black mayor). Don't forget to see the Garfield Monument and the Wade Chapel with its Tiffany window.
Visit the architectural gem that is the Cleveland Arcade. Built in 1890 to resemble the shopping arcades of Milan Italy, the arcade is just off of Public Square, between Euclid and Superior Avenues and boasts elaborate metalwork and intricate brass gargoyles look down from the top level. Chairs are even offered on the balconies for passersby to rest and marvel at the view.
Continue with the old gems and go antiquing. Tell the bus charter driver that you want to check out some of the interesting and diverse antique districts such as Lorain Avenue (between W.35th and W.45th Sts.) on Cleveland's west side for architectural antiques, such as leaded glass windows and old wooden doors; or explore Larchmere Avenue, near Shaker Square on the east side, for higher end china and glass items as well as
You might even add to your Christmas shopping haul after this, so book your bus charter rental package with us in Cleveland and journey in style with Bus Charter Cleveland as your ground transportation service provider and get home in time for the merry making.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cleveland Entices Visitors

If you want to find the right charter bus rental company in Cleveland and hoping to use the company for a long time, then it is time to consider the bus rental services offered by 
Bus Charter Cleveland if you have not already.
On top of being the leading bus charter company in Cleveland, we also are proud of the have the best team of people manning our sites and telephone lines. Our hope is to train up a team of people who are not only adept and prompt in picking up the lines and answering questions that our potential customers may have, we are gearing up towards providing never before seen level of commitment and customer service. Our aim is effective communication over the internet and the phones in an effort to enhance consumer experience.
Bus Charter Cleveland is the kind of company that places utmost importance on loyalty. The very reason why our focus is on our customers is because we are looking for long-term relationships with each and every single one of our customers. A one-off bus charter rental is not in our books. Therefore, we want top-notch service and quality experiences with our consumers.
On top of bringing you good service, obviously, we maintain a strong line-up of charter bus, party bus, coach bus, mini bus, school bus and many other types of corporate cars and luxury vehicles suitable for the likes any politician, celebrity and public figure. They may be suitable for royalty but they are made available for you too at an affordable price. Bus Charter Cleveland’s team of people has packaged our bus charter services in such a way that it is now possible to travel to every corner of Cleveland safely, affordably and comfortably.
One of the biggest headaches for people who are planning to travel would be the snarling traffic. It can be a big downer when you are short of time, with many other places to explore and you are stuck there in rush hour traffic jam. With our trained bus drivers who knows the roads like the back of their hands and sophisticated GPRS systems, Bus Charter Cleveland can get you to where you want to go in the shortest period of time because there shortcuts.
Therefore, Bus Charter Cleveland makes the perfect and natural choice for event planners, wedding organizers, schools, large corporations, small establishments, churches, sports organizations and many, many others.
To get in touch with Bus Charter Cleveland, all you need to do is to send us an email via our online enquiry form or speak to one of our customer service staff.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Must Visit Places in Cleveland with the family

Nothing brings a family together like a family vacation. When you’re headed to Cleveland with Bus Charters Cleveland you can be sure you’ll have lots of sights to see and lots of stories to bring home if you visit the place with a charter bus, party bus, mini bus or school bus with the little ones.
Visit ‘Nemo’ at Greater Cleveland Aquarium. With 40 tanks of all sizes are the home to a variety of marine life including colorful clownfish, piranhas and giant sand tiger sharks that will have you wondering what a different world exists just under the seas.
With the holiday season coming up, you might want to plan a trip in a party bus to the Christmas Story House and Museum where fans of the 1983 movie ‘A Christmas Story’ can tour Ralphie’s house. The place is filled with memorabilia from the movie. If you and your kids aren’t fans or haven’t seen the movie, you may just find yourself at the video rental store looking for it after visiting this amazing attraction.
If you didn’t know it already, Cleveland is home to PlayhouseSquare, the country’s largest performing arts centre outside of New York City and it is one of our party bus rental customers' favorite spots to visit during the holiday season. Their Children’s Theater Series is a winner and with family-friendly, affordable programming and a mission to engage and educate the community through enriching arts experiences, their 1,000 scheduled shows each year, filled with musical theater, dramatic plays, films, concerts and dance performances are just some of what you and your family can enjoy here.
Last but not least, there’s nothing like a going to Ball game in a comfortable, luxurious and spacious bus charter rental vehicle. Catch the Cleveland Indians at their best and yell “hey batter batter” at them on the field of dreams right at home on Progressive Field, or get Bus Charters Cleveland to send you over to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Quicken Loans Arena and you’ll be bonding instantly with your young ones whilst cheering the night away.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Playhouse Square Center

Cleveland’s Playhouse Square Center is second to New York’s Lincoln Center in terms of size for theater complex in the United States. The theater is located on several locations in the city. Some of the locations were closed down in the late 1960s due to vandalism and fire but were quickly reopened in the 70s after renovation.
Today the Square houses 10 theaters, a Wyndham Hotel, Cleveland’s WCPN radio and WVIZ/PBS television station. Bus Charter Cleveland will be able to transport you here.
The theaters hosts a number of shows directed to the public of all ages. Some of the shows that will be featured this year are winner of the 2011 Tony® Awards Anything Goes, The Imaginary Invalid (play), Shiva Vishnu Temple presents Trendzz (Indian dance inspired by Bollywood music), a showcase by Cleveland’s Jazz Orchestra, Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert and many more.
The theater also hosts several events unique to the Playhouse Center. One of these is the Cleveland Play House Play Date where adults are able to purchase a ticket to a Cleveland Play House production and turn it into a play date with their children. The children will be able to re-create the production the adults are watching in a “playhouse” where they will be taught by experienced teaching artists. At the end of the session, both adults and children will receive a kit to allow more fun playhouse activities at home.
Although there are parking spaces available nearby, it may be prudent to hire a limo bus to drive you and your guests to the theaters especially after its Fall Happy Hour specials.