Monday, October 28, 2013

Cleveland for Shopaholics

We know how Los Angeles, New York, Atlantic City, San Diego and Miami are meccas for shopaholics but don’t make the mistake about having nowhere to splurge in Cleveland. We may not have the best malls, the biggest shopping districts or being named as a fashion capital of the country, we DO have some of the best quaint finds in this corner of the country. In fact, bus charters Cleveland customers who are self-proclaimed shopaholics with deep pockets said that they had a better time shopping in some Cleveland shopping hotspots than in most other major cities in the country. First off, there isn’t such a large crowd to contend with. Secondly, the cost of stuff here is significantly lower. And thirdly, these things are so unique and special that you cannot possibly find it anywhere else...even if you had the money for it!

Shopping for gifts, souvenirs and specialty items
We do not know the story behind the name but Salty and Sweet which is located on 2074, W 25th Street Cleveland in Ohio City, but they DO have some of the sweetest and cutest things on offer. ‘The stuff there is really contrary to the name of the shop....the things are so sweet that it quite literally gave a toothache right there,’ laughs Amy, one of our fortunate charter bus Cleveland customers who went there on a whim. The things you will find here are greeting cards (says who greeting cards are dead - they are THE BEST GIFT), handmade items, cute baby presents, soaps, candles (things that can double up as souvenirs for the people who couldn’t make it for the trip back home) and loads of other goodies.

A mall with history
Known as one of Cleveland’s most popular landmarks, shopaholics who are serious about their shopping should not miss the chance to make a quick stopover at Cleveland Arcade. It remains to be the first and finest architectural wonder of its kind in Cleveland. In fact, Cleveland Arcade was the first large-scale shopping mall in the country. The mall is open for thralling everyday from 10am till 6pm in general, but each of the retail outlet may have their own opening hours. If you are keen to see what you can find at Cleveland Arcade, the address is 401, Euclid Avenue in Gateway District. And the truth is that, even if you are not there for the shopping, coming in to see the building all lit up is a spectacular experience in itself. Not to be missed.

Doing it the local way
For something less upscale and touristy, try hitting Steelyard Commons at 3447, Steelyard Drive in Tremont where you will see more locals and fewer tourists. Suffice to say that Steelyard is another historical site because much of Cleveland’s growth and history digs deep into the steelmaking industry so, here is where you will get a taste of the locals.